Police participate in human rights workshop

The National,Tuesday July 5th, 2016

Police have undergone a refresher workshop on human rights with the United Nations (UN) to better equip themselves on issues in their line of duty.
A group of 15 police officers and trainers were part of the workshop on human rights that ended on Friday at the Bomana Training College.
UN human rights adviser Patrick Marega Castellan said it was part of their wider programme on the human rights capacity-building and training.
“We have worked on draft materials for human rights and got feedback and inputs from the participants,” he said.
He said police worked mostly in trying situations, with a special role to protect human rights.
Castellan said it was interesting to see how the international human rights standards had become part of everyday police work.
“Most of the time they are dealing with victims of different types of human rights violations and crimes by arresting, detaining and using force which are part of the daily functions,” he said.
“So it is very important also to do all that in accordance to procedures that we are doing in this training.”
Castellan said the rationale behind it all was about ensuring that the human rights issues were integrated and incorporated into policing functions and not consider it as a separate issue.