Police recover body

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POLICE in Eastern Highlands say they have recovered the body of one of the men who died last Sunday after fighting erupted between the Akai and Kamano people in Yonki, Kainantu.
The body was found floating in the Yonki dam yesterday morning.
Police commander Chief Superintendent Michael Welly told The National that the man is believed to be from Kurufi village.
“The deceased was found afloat at about 8am last Thursday morning at the Yonki dam, a church group and police are now searching for another three who were believed to have drowned as well,” he said.
The death toll is now at 10, including the initial death of a teacher allegedly through sorcery that started the fighting, and his brother who was found dead last week.
Welly, fed up with killings related to sorcery accusation, is urging the Government to address the issue.
“I am calling on the Government to address sorcery, it is becoming norm now that whenever a death occurs, it is blamed on sorcery, and it has to stop,” he said.
“Innocent people are being accused and killed, something has to be done to stop this unlawful killings blamed on sorcery.”

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