Police recover wartime bombs

Police officers in Madang inspecting the unexploded wartime bombs at Bilia market near the Madang District Court house. – Nationalpic by SYLVESTER WEMURU

POLICE in Madang have recovered some more old bombs in the town and are trying to establish how they ended up there.
Madang police commander Supt Mazuc Rubiang said police received reports of explosives being discovered at different locations this month.
He said two exploded but no one was harmed.
Police received reports yesterday morning that at least four bombs were found at Bilia Market near Madang Club and Madang District Court house.
Supt Rubiang said the unexploded bombs were still intact.
“Police officers cordoned off the area and warned the public not to go near the place in case they exploded if moved,” he said.
“We contacted soldiers at Igam.
“We are not experts on explosives so our counterparts from Igam will have to come down and look at them to make reports on how best we can dispose of them.”
Supt Rubiang said on Saturday at 2.30am, an unidentified explosive exploded at the Tarangau Police Barracks at New Town but no one was hurt.
He said the effect of the explosion was felt by the people living around New Town all the way to Jomba.
Supt Rubiang said police went to the scene at around 3am but did not find anyone there.
He said another one exploded at Nagada eviction site two weeks ago but no one was harmed.

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