Police recruitment


AUSTRALIA to train PNG police recruits – many say this is an excellent idea.
I agree.
Well, how about the entry requirements?
Should we allow school leavers to make police recruitment a prerequisite choice?
Or just a grade 12 certificate is sufficient, disregarding GPAs attained?
This brings the issue of IQs.
IQ of recruits plays an important part in understanding and broadening knowledge in their training.
Grade 12 Certificates with all ‘F’ indicated beside their certificates have very low IQs, thus, their performance in school.
Such are allowed at current as qualified by the certification and requirement which needs reassessing.
How about the duration of training? Six months is insufficient.
It compounds to limited timeframe, insufficient to impart skills and knowledge.
We also can consider the training modules or curricular.
Basic laws, especially on human rights, policing laws and duties, tactics on handling law breakers, types of punitive measures available and many other important attributes to make policing viable and professional should be redeveloped and time-frame extended for two years.
Time taken for police personnel to actively discharge duties?
Should we set a time-frame, maybe 10 years maximum, after which they can quit or continue?
The Royal PNG Constabulary (RPNGC) can also make it a priority for recruits to upgrade their GPAs attained at grade 12 within the above 10 years, and further their studies whilst discharging their duties.
Those who successfully do this can quit and opt for other jobs.
Those who don’t could be given another five years to upgrade, after which they will leave as well.
This is to address ageing police personnel.
Commissioner Garry Baki’s “Police Policing Police” is an excellent idea.
This idea must be operationalised nationwide and include high-ranking police personnel.
The target group must be the whole force, not just junior officers (I can’t tell if corruption will creep into this idea).
Include these fundamental attributes together with the idea to have Australians training our men in blue to attain an effective RPNGC.

Brian Folock

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