Police starts Apec operations


Police Apec coordination team says three phases of operations have started this month in Port Moresby to provide “close protection” of the public and city leading to the leaders’ summit next month.
Metropolitan superintendent Perou N’dranou and Central and NCD commander Donald Yamasombi briefed officers during the launch of Operations City Blitz. They said 1110 police officers would ensure the city was clean and quiet before Apec.
N’dranou said three phases were pre-Apec, before the event, Apec during the event, and Christmas and New Year post-Apec.
“Our men are ready,” he said.
N’dranou said city residents could expect to see foot patrols everywhere in the morning and afternoon. Yamasombi said security would be especially tight in areas where international delegates would be working and living.
This is especially around Jackson Airport, hotels, and the Magi, Sogeri and Hiritano highways outside Port Moresby.
Yamasombi said everyone should work together to keep their communities safe.

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