Police step up patrol to fight crime at Badili and Koki bus stops

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POLICE have stepped up patrols at the Koki and Badili bus stops in Port Moresby as they clamp down on petty crimes committed there.
National Capital District and Central Commander Chief Inspector Fred Tundu said anyone found to be in possession of knives, screwdrivers, iron bars and other dangerous objects would be arrested. Police units are rostered on shift duties in the area and will be on the lookout for troublemakers.
“It is like a hide-and-seek game played (by young men). When officers are at one location, they quickly move to another location making it very difficult for the officers who have only one vehicle,” he said.
He said the lack of manpower was a problem they were coping with and called on the people to support the police.
He encouraged them to post on the NCD Alert Facebook crime page any information they have on criminal activities.
Females are not only the main victims because males too are robbed of mobile phones, money and even food in plastics.
“We are starting to arrest those occupying the bus stop and blocking pedestrians,”Tundu said.