Police suspect arson in Kainantu

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The National, Monday 06th August, 2012

POLICE believe the burning of the Kainantu district office was a deliberate act.
Assistant Commissioner Police Highlands Teddy Tei confirmed yesterday it was their view the building was set alight to destroy expenditure files stored there.
“Such government assets like these are destroyed by greedy lunatics, I strongly condemn their action.
“Police will investigate to pin down the arson suspects,” Tei said.
He appealed to the people of Kainantu to help police with any information they might have.
Meanwhile, the counting of provincial seats for Chimbu and Eastern Highlands is nearing completion.
“I appeal to candidates and scrutineers not to raise unnecessary complaints to delay the counting process,” Tei said. He thanked the candidates and supporters for cooperating with the Electoral Commission, churches for prayers and security forces for a peaceful election.
However, Tei said they faced some problems from disgruntled candidates.
“Each voter has a constitutional right to vote and the people have spoken through the ballot papers; the candidates have no right to cause problems,” he said.