Police: Suspects will be found

The National,Tuesday June 28th, 2016

POLICE in Lae have assured the relatives of a student slashed to death last Saturday night inside his dormitory at the University of Technology that they would find those involved.
Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie met the relatives in Lae.
He said student leaders from all provinces should assist police to reveal the identity of the suspects that were involved.
“We are maintaining communication with student leaders from Southern Highlands and we will compile statements which will identify the suspects,” he said.
He said statements from witnesses would help police gather information on the group of men.
“Those students who have witnessed the crime should come forward and give details so that police can identify the suspects and deal with them,” he said.
He said most of students at Unitech had left the campus after the killing and destruction of properties.
“The situation on campus is quiet with police presence. However there was a minor incident yesterday when students damaged the vice-chancellor’s vehicle.”
He said police would maintain their presence to ensure the safety of properties, staff and students.
Lae Lord Mayor Koim Trilu Leahey said it was an act of terror.