Police to get tough on tinted cars

National, Normal

The National – Friday, December 24, 2010

Tinted windscreens will be restricted to private vehicles only, National Capital District (NCD) traffic announced.
NCD traffic officer in charge Michael Kanguma said PMV and taxi owners in the nation’s capital were to remove tints or dark glasses on their vehicles according to traffic rules.
“PMVs and taxis are for the public, and passengers need, and must not be obscured. We will be setting road blocks to ensure this is applied,” Kanguma said.
This was to prevent transporting of alcohol and to enable police to monitor the safety of the travelling public.
He warned that any PMV or taxi owners who did not comply with the rule would have their vehicle licences terminated so that they could run them as private vehicles.
He also added that the shiny mirror-like tints were to be removed from all vehicles, both public and private as they caused traffic hazards when reflecting sunlight to the eyes of other drivers.
Tinting of windscreens that left little space for drivers to look through was also discouraged as it could prevent proper view of the road.
With the increase on the number of vehicles in the city, NCD traffic will work alongside the land transport division to ensure traffic rules were followed and the vehicles would be checked for road worthiness and registration.
Kanguma advised PMV and taxi owners to get their vehicle documents in order at the Land Transport Department specifically on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that road blocks would not cause inconveniences to their operations.
“We are working to ensure this festive season is celebrated peacefully and accident-free for the citizens of NCD,” he said.