Policing requires fuel: Wagambie Jnr


POLICING requires fuel and vehicles for mobility to move around and attend to complaints and also show police presence to deter and stop crimes – both major and minor – from happening.
Assistance Commissioner of Police (ACP) National Capital District (NCD) and Central, Anthony Wagambie Jnr was pleased with Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko’s initiative.
Tkatchenko’s district development authority announced the supply of K10,000 worth of fuel to the zone one police every month.
Wagambie said he was happy with that idea because he had met with all the zone commanders and came up with the idea of decentralised fuel supply throughout NCD.
He said they had come up with that idea because all police units refuel from the same area which were at the Gordon station, police headquarters, McGregor Barracks and Bomana Police College.
Wagambie said the reason for decentralising fuel supply in NCD was to make it more efficient and convenient for police vehicles instead of having them all line up for fuelling at one service station.

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