Policy urging expansion, competition suit PNG, says Wabiro

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The National, Monday July 15th, 2013

 THE Government’s foreign policy should be one that encourages PNG companies to expand and be competitive in the outside world, Western Governor Ati Wabiro told parliament on Friday.

Wabiro said during the grievance debate that the government’s plan to open new diplomatic missions was the way forward and should focus on investments the country could benefit from.

He added that it was timely that PNG to establish relations with Israel because of its historical importance as the centre of Christianity.

Agriculture and Livestock Minister Tommy Tomscoll said PNG’s foreign policy should be beneficial to the country.

“Our foreign policy must to serve our country,” Tomscoll said.

“ It must be a policy that protects and serves the needs of our countries. It must focus on the players such as the NGOs and other major investors that could come here and help our country. 

“It must be based on health, education and most importantly the food security of our country.

“Our foreign policy must not be one that will allow international partners to dictate on our food security and we should appreciate and attribute our policy to be ‘friends with benefit’ so we attract benefits for our people.”

“It must be a changing policy because of the changing times and because of globalisation.

“We must actively engage with China, Indonesia, Thailand and India, four of the emerging countries of the world.”