Polye: Amendments not bad

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The National, Wednesday July 24th, 2013


THE amendment to sections 145 and 124 of the Constitution must promote good governance and service delivery, Treasury Minister Don Polye says.

Polye, who supported the amendment bill in the first reading, said the proposed legislation was important “but the intent must be right” so the people could have trust and confidence in the Government.

“It is a test of our motive for stability. The challenge is our motive for the changes therefore our intention must be right,” Polye said.

“The issues of good governance and the issue of respecting and compliance to the law is also important.”

“There must be delivery. We need to have stability to perform and deliver tour people. We must not cheat our people.

“The issue of governance and service must come together with the stability period we create. The people will judge us.”

NCD Governor Powes Parkop, who also supported the amendment, said the intent of the bill was right for stability but it must not be abused.

“We must not get entrenched and be corrupt. Through stability we must deliver,” he said.

Opposition MP Dr Allan Marat said changes were necessary if done with good intent but the O’Neill Government must guarantee good governance and transparency.

“To me and the Opposition, we will not support the amendment bill.

“You’ll pass it using your numbers but the future will judge you,” he said in referrence to chances that the Government might bulldoze the amendments using its numerical strenght.