Polye has been a loyal member of NA

Letters, Normal

The National – Monday, June 20, 2011

I REFER to the letters “Polye should form own party” and “Seeds of divide and rule craftily sown” (The National, June 16).
The first letter describes the leadership qualities of Polye.
He is a member of the NA and he has remained loyal to the party.
Even though he was overlooked as deputy prime minister, he knows the party’s constitution will dictate internal party politics.
As the deputy leader of NA re­presenting the highlands bloc and with the numerical numbers, Polye will always hold the advantage in any party caucus to determine the NA leadership.
He also holds the upper hand over other NA regional deputy leaders. 
Although he does not hold any ministerial portfolio, it does not mean he is no longer loyal to NA.
In fact, it will work to his advantage as he is now free to consolidate his power base and ensure he remains as the deputy highlands leader.
The second letter is based more on perception although conspiracy theorists will claim otherwise.
Only time will tell us whether the prime minister has been a good leader or a bad politician.
History books tell us leaders who put their own interests aside to pursue the interest of the majo­rity are well remembered than those who pursue their own poli­tical interest and desires.


Bomai D Witne