Polye receives death threats through text messages

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SEVERAL MPs have received death threats through text messages, with Kandep MP Don Polye the latest member to receive the threat on Wednesday night.
An unidentified person mentioned several high-profile murder cases which allegedly alluded to how Polye could be harmed in the message.
The cases included the late Kundiawa-Gembogl MP Peter Waieng from Chimbu; People’s Democratic Party president Geoffery Bull from Western Highlands; Thomas Sakora from Hela; and, Border Development Authority managing director Fred Konga from Jiwaka, with Polye telling Parliament the person implied the murders because he knew who the killers were.
The message read: “FYI, this is not a threat. My good leader, this is a warning. Sit down and think carefully about these murder cases of late Fred Konga, of Jiwaka, late Peter Waieng, of Chimbu, late Thomas Sakora, of Hela and Geoffrey Bull of WHP.
“They have all gone without any single trace, therefore, think about yourself and your families. Nobody will come and look after your families, not even the UBS Loan … Pasim Maus na concentrate on your electorate duties. Tankyu.”
However, Polye said he would not “back down from standing for what is right”.
“I dismiss this threat or warning as hogwash and (it) will not work on me or anybody else who stands up for what is right,” he said.
“I am elected by the people of Kandep and by the people of PNG to serve their interest and the interest of the future generations.
“People on the crooked path of life will not threaten me and I dismiss wholeheartedly all of this, but this person is mentioning several people who are deceased. This person knows who killed these people, he knows those people who were killed.
“Can the police commissioner and police force investigate the person who threatened me?
“And investigate the cases mentioned. If we don’t investigate, they will continue to hurt the people of this country.”
Minister for Police William Onglo, who was called by Polye to respond, said that he wanted the number and the messages forwarded to him as soon as possible so police would investigate them.