Pom Nature Park introduces eco-friendly bags

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THE Port Moresby Nature Park has taken the lead in supporting the ban on plastic bags by introducing paper bags and green eco-bags in all its shops at the park.
Park general manager Michelle McGeorge said the shops in the park stopped using plastic bags as part of an attempt to support environmental sustainability.
“This also aligns with recent calls by the Minister for Environment and Conservation, John Pundari, for a ban on plastic bags in the best interest of the environment and health of all Papua New Guineans,” she said.
“It not only makes sense to reduce plastic bags from an environmental perspective, but from a business financial perspective as well.
“Business leaders must be responsible with their business practices and be serious in investingin positive changes by removing plastic bags in their business activities.
“We can stop the issues of plastic bags only when the businesses realise and start to stop the supply of plastic bags.”
McGeorge said it was an ongoing effort by Nature Park to improve its environmentally sustainable practices. It set up an environmental committee last year.
Guest relations team leader Heidi A’aru said it was the rightthing to do because it would contribute to a safer and greener environment.
“It’s also a timely move for us as the Government plans to impose a total ban on plastic bags in due time,” A’aru said.