POMRFU move against PNGRFU a joke

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, June 30, 2011

I REFER to the reports in both dailies about the move by the president of Port Moresby Rugby Football Union (POMRFU) Arnold Amet Jr to hold a vote of no-confidence in the current PNGRFU executives.
This is but a desperate move by the same people who tried to keep the new “Metro Rugby Football Union” out of PNGRFU.
However, POMRFU’s attempts have failed and when they realised that Metro RFU was recently affiliated with PNGRFU, the next move is to get rid of the PNGRFU executives.
What a joke!
The claim that more than 90% of players in the Pukpuk 7s team is from Metro is true.
Amet should understand that most of these players were members of the Pukpuk 7s team well before the Metro team came in existence.
These players are from the clubs that were under POMRFU that time but have now joined Metro RFU.
Why didn’t the POM­RFU president raised this before.
Amet should be concentrating on how to make POMRFU competitive ra­ther than running a weak competition.
His motives are not ge­nuine and not good for the code.
He should by now know the reasons why most of the clubs and half of the match officials (referees) quit POMRFU to form Metro.
In comparison, Metro team is well organised, no alcohol is allowed, security is guaranteed and spectators can now sit in comfort and watch the games.


Union Fan
Port Moresby