Pori starving for basic services

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The National, Wednesday July 17th, 2013

 I WOULD like to call on our MP, James Marape, to serve the Pori people who are starving for basic services. 

The 10,000 or more population of Pori have been failed by successive governments over the years. 

This is indicated by the poor state of health facilities, shortage of drugs, deteriorating school facilities, lack of economic activity and the high cost of goods and services in the area.  

The people would like Marape to improve the colonial-built health fa-cilities by building a new health centre that is fully equipped with me-dical supplies and workers. 

Improve the school infrastructure for the three primary schools by constructing houses for teachers, classrooms, li-braries and science labs. 

Additionally, parents cannot afford to meet school fees because cash flow in the area is almost non-existent meaning they are not able to generate adequate income from selling their garden produce. The people also need better roads to travel to Tari town and sell their produce. 

Poor road conditions and the lack of a developed market are major barriers that deprive the people from engaging in sustainable economic activities.  

The Pori people are hoping to see a change in their lives before Marape’s term end.

Pori Homeranape

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