Teachers are the backbone of the nation

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 17th, 2013

 TEACHERS are the ones who drive everyone to make his or her ambition a reality, for example a professor, doctor, lawyer, accountant or engineer. The list goes on.

Those titles beside one’s name comes as a result of hardworking and committed teachers turning up in the classroms for duty every day.  

Students are shaped, moulded and pushed to obtaining such titles through the efforts of the dedicated teachers who deliver knowledge. 

If there were no teachers to run classes, I wonder how the government will ever achieve its visions.  

Teachers can and are able to make the government’s visions happen by producing knowledgeable students.

But if there were no good teachers to teach, then there would not be any human resources development to make those visions a reality. 

The government must be mindful that the teachers are the key players in every government’s vision. 

Therefore, the government must address the teacher’s problems such as housing and so forth. 

The government’s failure in building proper housing and increasing their fortnightly salaries will result in teachers being absent from classes and looking for better opportunities elsewhere.

I urge the government to address this problem before things get out of hand. 

If the government considers this concern as a paramount importance, then the future of this nation and its human resources development will not be at stake. 


Malupi Apa

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