Potential for soccer highlighted


GULF has huge potential in sports and soccer is no exception, according to Papua New Guinea Football Association (PNGFA) president John Kapi Natto.
He said that during a recent visit to the provincial capital, Kerema, in a bid to help re-affiliate Kerema Soccer Association to the sport’s national governing body.
Gulf has produced a lot of talented sportsmen and women, including football legend, the late Joe Turia.
“We talk about sporting stars but we need to connect to them,” Kapi Natto said. He said he wanted to see sportsmen and women re-connected with their roots.
“I want to connect sports and young people,” he said.
Kapi Natto said he needed the support of the provincial government and stakeholders to realise his vision. “This is not my last visit,” Kapi Natto said.
“My officers will be in and out once you become an affiliate of PNGFA.
“We must ensure that you re-connect with your province.”
Kapi Natto noted that Gulf had only one field in Kerema which hosted other sports too.
He appealed to landowners to free their land for sporting developments.
He said he was committed to helping develop another field for the Kerema association and other sports.