PPL to improve staff benefits

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The National, Tuesday August 07th, 2012

PNG Power Ltd (PPL) management and staff signed an agreement last Friday to improve staff benefits and the commercial success of the company.
Chief operating officer and enterprise agreement steering committee chairman Bennie Smith said, last Friday at the company’s training centre in Port Moresby, that the agreement was expected to improve business efficiency and productivity and increase commercial success as the demand for electricity was still very high in PNG.
Smith said the agreement would promote and encourage mutual understanding and harmonious working relationship between PPL management and unions in delivering electricity to the people.
“This agreement commits all parties to be fair, honest and committed to give a full day’s work for an agreed day’s pay. The agreement comes into effect for the next three years 2012-15,” he said.
“After being involved in such an agreement in a couple of countries, the process of achieving this agreement was quite interesting.
“The team was very engaging and one of the toughest and professionals being engaged to achieve common understanding with the management and staff,” he said.
Company chief executive officer Tony Koiri said the agreement superseded the previous agreement of four years ago.
He appealed to all staff to abide by the rules that the spirit of agreement carried.
“If we don’t do the right things and focus on what we have implemented then we will not see any positive changes as expected,” he said.
Koiri said the document would take two weeks to be registered with the Department of Labour before it was implemented.