Preparing for new education system


Fifty elementary teachers in Moresby South will attend the Asia Pacific Institute of Applied Social, Economic and Technical Studies (APIASETS) in June.
“This year, we are giving priority to 50 elementary teachers from our nine elementary schools in Moresby South to advance their teaching skills because the education system is shifting to a new system called one-six-six,” Moresby South technical and vocational education training coordinator Rose Hagua said.
According to Education Minister Nick Kuman, the one-six-six school structure in the national education system will be implemented this year, starting with schools in the National Capital District.
In the one-six-six structure, each student will spend 13 years of schooling comprising one year elementary education, six years in primary and six years in secondary.
“There won’t be any more elementary schools. The elementary teachers will have to advance their teaching skills in order for them to teach in primary schools,” Hagua said.
“Therefore, Moresby South is planning of sponsoring 50 elementary teachers through the Tvet scholarship programme.
“We are happy to work with Rose (Hagua) and give her all the support. And we’ll get the programme rolling as early as June,” APIASETS executive director Thomas Phillar said.
“We are happy to partner with anyone who wants to raise people’s standards,” he said.
“We are registered under the public-private partnership programme and we are here to support the government. They should use us on any important government agendas.
“Previously, what they were doing at the Education Department was allowing different providers to provide elementary teacher training.
“Now they’ve done that away and they’ve told all the teachers training colleges to take over.”

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