Priest encourages parents to teach children good values early


PARENTS must teach their children about good Christian principles when they are still babies, says Fr Louis Kandamain.
Kandamain, of Piam Parish in Porgera, Enga, said this during the first birthday of Joshua Asa Anro on Wednesday last week at Sari Primary School in Wabag. He told guests and friends that when babies were a year old, their parents should start teaching them good manners and Christian principles.
Kandamain said parents had a big role to play and responsibility at this stage when babies’ minds were staring to develop.
He said that when children grew up with good manners based on Christian principles, they would become better citizens.
Kandamain said that early learning for children was is very important before sending them to school.
He said proper balance meals must also be provided for babies on daily basis in order for them to grow up healthy.
Kandamain said that many children in the country were engaging in drug and alcohol abuse, stealing and other crimes because their parents did not raise them up properly.
He urged parents to take their children to church every Sunday and get into Sunday school.
He said at Sunday school, children learned about God’s words and Christian life.

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