Primary school uses Independence celebration to restore, maintain cultural values in students


Kebara Primary School in Kokoda LLG, Northern, took a unique approach in celebrating the Independence Day.
Head teacher Paul Abong said the celebration and went on for four days started on Tuesday, Sept 12.
He said most of their cultural practices were dying out because  less attention had been given to it.
“Our traditional culture is dying out and we want to show the students that it is their identity and is of great value,” Abong said.
“It’s as concern that a lot of children do not know their traditional culture and customs, an indication that we are slowly losing our cultural values.
“It should be introduced as a subject in the curriculum to add to the current seven that the education system teaches.”
Abong said the school planned to celebrate in four days with sporting activities from Sept 13 to Sept 15.
He said the first day began with the flag raising and students marching in their house colours.
After the march the students participated in traditional singsings.
Abong said, Kebara, a level four school, decided to focus on culture which the school board and management had approved as an annual event.
“I’m happy with students’ participation and acknowledge the support by the parents. We hope that we will continue to have more of such activities in future,” he said.
“Everyone was excited because it was the first time that we have had such an event.
“We would like to make it an annual celebration for the school.”