Probe Dregarhafen School affairs

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday July 25th, 2013

 AS a concerned parent, I would like to ask the Morobe provincial education adviser, Murika Bihoro, and the education minister to look into the affairs of  Dregarhafen Secondary School.

A lack of management has left many students and teachers confused.

This means the students are being denied the right to quality education and decent learning facilities. 

Students are being sent home for reasons such as shortages of food, problems with the water supply and  lack of school materials.

There has been no principal at the school for almost four months now to manage and address these issues. 

Why is the Morobe provincial education division  tolerating such a person in the education department and paying him while he is living in Lae and attending to his own interests? 

The Government is trying to provide quality education by introducing the free education policy.

Such people are destroying the education of our future leaders. 

I urge the provincial education adviser to replace the school principal with one who has an ethical background and concern for the students. 

The children need a quality environment to compete with other urban schools. 

The authorities need to proactively address such issues that are destroying the students’ learning and welfare. 

The education division and the provincial health department need to conduct supervisory visits. 

Why is the school board of management sending students home? 

Is it because of a delay in government subsidies for tuition fees or the mismanagement by the school board or principal?

Students need quality education and decent learning facilities to enjoy learning without unnecessary disturbances caused by teachers and decision makers within the school. 

Investigate and replace the principal if he is found wanting. We want to produce quality and skilful human resources for this country. 


Salaniac Gocmia