Probe into airfares


THE Government wants an inquiry conducted into why air fares are so expensive in the country.
Treasury vice-minister Win Daki directed the Independent Consumer Competition Commission (ICCC) to look into why airfares set in the civil aviation industry are so high.
Daki expects the commission to submit a report on the matter by Oct 8.
“I want the ICCC to investigate the NAC (National Airports Corporation), Air Niugini and Airlines PNG (PNG Air) to determine why airfares are set so high,” he said.
“Airfares have only increased over the years. There has not been a time when it has gone down.”
Daki, the minister responsible for the consumer and competition watchdog, said the high airfares were hindering the people’s ability to travel.
It is also affecting the tourism industry.
“There has been a lot of complaints from customers, business houses, and private companies about the high airfares on both domestic and international flights,” he said.
“The demand for tourism in this country is huge but the high airfares are a major impediment.”
Daki plans to table the ICCC report in Parliament once completed to discuss appropriate measures to be taken. He said domestic travel in other countries compared to PNG was cheap.
“From Cairns to Brisbane, we are paying A$75 (K174). Here in PNG, from (Mt) Hagen to Port Moresby is around K700, K800 and sometimes it goes up to K900,” he said.
“From Kimbe to Rabaul, you are looking at around K1,000. For cargo, the price for one kilo is around K20.
“Most people in the country are living with salaries that are below K1,000 and cannot afford these airfares.”
The enquiry will cover the entire aviation industry and will look at ticket prices, cargo and other costs.


  • Thanks it’s about time. The airline companies have been ripping off customers in the name of high fuel prices and operational costs.

  • Not every Papua New Guineans are rich. Very high cost of living totally depriving the rights of people form their movements.
    Please leaders put yourself into other peoples shoe to understand their situation so that you will deliver the right kind of services they need.

  • Its mean of travel/transportation but it is very expensive rather.
    Reduce the cost to a minimum fair that can be meet by some poor struggling
    people of this country.

  • In the real Business world you need competition to reduce the prices of Goods and services. At the moment Air Niugini and Air Lines PNG are the only two competitors and they have set their air fares whether you like it or not. The air fares will drop if only the Government will give licence to other Airline companies to come and operate in PNG and compete with all the routes the two airlines are operating . Through the competition the air fares will drop but at the moment the customers have no choice but comply to the air fares already being set.

  • Can someone honestly supply the airfares between Port Moresby and Cairns and lets work from there on. These days nobody cares about the next bloke, but thanks MP Daki. Keep on pushing until you get it. God’s creation is on your back.

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