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HE hassle of confirming ones graduation eligibility in the School of Business and Public Policy at the University of Papua New Guinea is now over, thanks to schools executive dean Professor Lekshmi N Pillai.
He and his hardworking academic staff must be commended for taking the initiative and providing the best academic leadership in architecting the digital platform for all the 2019 final year students from each of the five different strands within SBPP to fully check their eligibility criteria prior to 2020 graduation.
This electronic graduation self-checklist not only helps the final year students know their eligibility to graduate the next year, but more importantly, it’s going to save their time and effort wasted to travel to UPNG and back just to confirm their names.
It will also inform the students about the minimum GPA required by the university examination board that guarantees a student to graduation.
For example, after filling in the excel spreadsheet with all the final grades from the student’s academic transcript into the required fields (cells) in the spreadsheet, s/he automatically knows their final status and also be able to tell how many more core, enrichment and broadening courses are yet to be undertaken to match with the given amount of minimum and maximum number of courses per major programme of studies.
Like in economics, 25 core courses must be completed by the economic major final year students to qualify them to graduate with a bachelor of economics.
This innovative solution is efficient and effective because it will save both the graduating students and the university from time-wasting and other resources.
Once again, we take this opportunity to thank professor Lekshmi N Pillai, executive dean for SBPP UPNG and the SBPP team for making our lives easy.

Peter Nahi
BBM (PPM) Final Year

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