Programme changes youths

The National, Wednesday July 20th, 2016

THE Nebilyer Drug Rehabilitation Programme (NDRP) in Western Highlands is targeting more than 13,000 drug addicts to change their ways and live a positive life.
The programme was rolled out in 2014 and so far has changed a total of 1050 drug addicts who have surrendered and registered for rehabilitation.
It aim to cover the 34 council wards in the Nebilyer Valley where more than 50,000 people live.
Coordinator and founder Joe Kata told The National that he started the programme in 2104 using his own resources.
Kata said he would continue with the programme because many young people and school age children were already using drugs.
“These are people who come from families and they need to be educated and encouraged to change,” he said.
The programme focuses on three main areas – spiritual development, physical development and providing education on positive living.
Kata said they were working with Melanesian Solidarity, Caritas PNG and other partners.
“We are targeting the whole of Nebilyer. So far we have a total of 1050 drug addicts who have come forward,” he said.
Kata said he swas now working with the seven council wards.
Kata and his group had conducted trainings and awareness, leadership training, sporting activities and would now move into council wards to provide counselling.
He said specific trainings and counselling would be held from July 29-31.
“We have divided the seven council wards into three groups and NDRP will move out on the dates mentioned,” Kata said.
He said leaders urged drug addicts to quit but it never worked.
“Instead drug addicts must be taught the basics of changing.”