Proper road system vital for growth

Letters, Normal

IT is obvious our government has failed the people.
The road mayhem is a nightmare and a stumbling block to progress and development.
For any nation to prosper, it needs to have a good and proper road system interconnecting states, provinces, districts, municipalities and villages.
Since Independence, successive governments failed to pay any attention to building a proper road network in the country.
The Highlands Highway is the lifeline of our country’s economy and the Somare Government has seen fit to develop LNG project without considering the condition of the highway.
I have lost count of the number of calls to the government to upgrade the Highlands Highway, long before the LNG project was mooted.
The government has blindly gone ahead to develop the multi-billion project without considering the geographical and political aspects.
How can there be a steady work progress when the road is deteriorating and falling apart?
This is a grandiose dream which, God forbids, may remain a dream.
The best option is to fast track the transnational highway by connecting NCD, Central, Gulf and Southern Highlands.
At least we will have an alternative route.
A proper road system will boost the economy of a nation and in the process create opportunities for the rural majority as they will have access to markets.
This is the very foundation of any country’s development and growth.
We should have used the K120 million on building a proper road network instead of buying an executive jet that can carry only 12 people.


Johnny Yapo Paraeels