Protect our womenfolk


WHY, why, why?
My sister, mothers and daughters – who can we trust and run to for help anymore?
It is sad and frustrating to read in The National on Monday that a-15-year old newly-married wife was allegedly raped by senior policemen at Hohola police station.
Honestly, there is no more trust for the men in blue.
Why, why, why?
I would like to appeal to the citizens of this country, and especially in Port Moresby, to organise a civil protest nationwide with the help of NGOs and churches on the rights and protection of our mothers and daughters.
Cabinet should be petitioned to:
lRestructure the police recruitment process; and,
lAmend the Police Act and other acts regulating the code of conduct of police officers.
I am really afraid here that there is no more freedom for our wives, mothers and daughters to move freely without fear and intimidation.
This is not from thugs and rascals anymore, but the very so-called professionals who enforce the law, who have no respect for self and others.
For those policemen who have been doing this: you are not a man but a shame upon yourself, your wife and children and a contributor to the poor standard of Royal PNG Constabulary.
The more our people condemn you, the more, you are cursed and will end up with nothing after you retire.
It seems as if no-one had told you that you are an animal born in your mother’s womb.
I am telling you this you are because you have no sense of respect for yourself and your mothers, daughters and sisters.
Shame on you.

Concerned Husband and Father
Port Moresby