Why delay appointment?


THE delayed appointment of a substantive Department of Agriculture and Livestock Secretary is a shameless debacle.
The Government is touting inclusive economic growth underpinned by agriculture and agriculture-based SMEs as the ‘saviour’ of PNG.
The DAL Secretary is the prime public servant who will oversee this economic redemption.
The unnecessary delay flies in the face of this redemptive policy.
One of those shortlisted must be appointed on merit.
The position is so critical that it demands someone who is competent, honest and has come up through the DAL ranks – a fit-and-proper person who understands and knows the needs, nuances and agricultural priorities at national and international levels.
He must be someone who is well-versed with policy, administration, food security, climate change and other relevant issues.
The parochialism and self-interest that have manifested in this despicable saga are reprehensively unacceptable.
We, the bulk of the population, rely on agriculture and are not averse to what happens in Waigani.
Please leave the Minister for Agriculture alone to be decisive and to expedite the appointment process forthwith.

Disgusted subsistence farmer