Protect PNG’s local arts, designs


AS a local design and printing business owner under the Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), I am distressed by the total ignorance of the present and former governments to protect Papua New Guinea’s local and indigenous arts (artefacts) and traditional designs from being used by foreign textile, design and printing companies and small trading firms.
I call on Prime Minister James Marape to “walk the talk” and see the path that he is taking all the eight million plus people of this nation to – not afar but right under his very nose – and see what is happening right here in Port Moresby (and other centres) by those foreign shop owners.
If you go in an Asian clothing shop, you won’t be surprised to see all printed shirts and laplaps and even provincial and national flags printed and sold like nobody’s business.
Remember this: the foreigners are taking all available opportunities on the Government’s weaknesses, in all kinds of investments they make here in PNG.
Wake up Mr prime minister, start action by way of a legal approach to own the rights of all the local prints and designs for the good of our people – there is richness in our local art designs and we cannot stand by and watch these “greedy foreigners” exploit our artefacts, design them and sell them back to us – and watch us buy them in their shops with a sarcastic smile.
Marape, you are a smart PNGean so act smart for the good of us the local design and print businessmen and women.

Lewa Pain,
Port Moresby

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