Prove it, Schnaubelt


NAMATANAI MP Walter Schnaubelt must prove himself to the people in the next five years.
During his election campaign he made big promises to the people to deliver ‘Belhat Development’ projects straight after his victory within three days. He persuaded a lot of people to support him.
He promised to increase old-aged and disabled pension from K360 to K1000 per individual, set K5000 SME projects to voters, build permanent houses and pay for thousands of red flags hanging on houses and trees.
Former MP Byron Chan contributed a lot in his term to the people of Tanir during his term as member for Namatanai.
The people of Tanir never said any word of appreciation to Sir Julius and Byron Chan for building a modern high school on Tanga Island.
They gave away their family land freely to the people to build the high school, built the ring road at Maledok, subsidised shipping and made policies that impacted on the lives of people on the island.
What more will Schnaubelt do to improve lives of people at Tanir LLG?

Linus Guamsok