Provide acquittals, says dept

Aihi Vaki

THE Implementation and Rural Development Department wants all districts and provinces to furnish their outstanding service improvement programme acquittal reports as the general election is approaching, secretary Aihi Vaki says.
“You have to clean up your backyard before the MPs head into to election next year,” he said.
“We want to see districts and provinces that are facing implementation constraints to consult us for technical advice and support when rolling out the programmes.”
Vaki spoke at the at the presentation of the Northern’s Sohe administration’s 2019 and 2020 district services improvement programme acquittal reports in Port Moresby yesterday.
The reports were furnished with both financial and physical expenditures on projects and programmes implemented in the district.
The reports captured achievements, constraints and recommendation, which have been properly analysed and prioritised from most urgent to the least under each sector.
Sohe chief executive officer Zacharias Jamota said despite impediments, the district administration “managed to deliver basic government goods and services to the people over the last three years”.
Sohe MP Henry Amuli said the reports should be physically checked and taken stock of.