Province awaits grants

The National, Wednesday July 6th, 2016

THE Morobe government funds its services and operations from internal revenue while it awaits development grants from the Government.
Governor Kelly Naru tabled the financial report for the past six month last Thursday.
Naru told the Tutumang that the provincial government was not achieving much in development activities and service delivery because of the lack of funding from the Government. The roads maintained under transport infrastructure were in West Taraka, Malahang to Wagang, 40-Mile to Wawin and from Erap Boys Town to the Wain-Erap Junction costing K20 million.
Naru said some development projects for 2016 were:

  • Various economic impact projects – K4m;
  • New high school constructions (Wantoat, Boana, Kabwum) K3m;
  • Gerson-Solulu tertiary scholarship K4m;
  • Church partnership K3.5m;
  • School uniform K1.5m;
  • Food security (Buhalu taro project) K0.6 million;
  • Flexible open distance education (FODE) K0.5m;
  •  Provincial law and order K0.7m;
  •  MAMA medivac K2m;
  •  YWAM medical ship outreach K0.5m;
  •  Various LLG-district road constructions K3.8m;
  •  PNG Games (Team Morobe) K1.5m.

“I believe the cash flow situation will improve and the Government will honor the national budget appropriation Act to release the grants earmarked for Morobe to deliver services to people,” Naru said.