Province presents 20-year agro plans


THE Oro Provincial Administration is seeking technical assistance from the National Department of Agriculture and Livestock in preparing its agriculture and livestock development
The division of agriculture and livestock has drafted a 20-year sector plan for agriculture development in Northern and has circulated copies among various stakeholders for their inputs.
Officers from the provincial division travelled to Port Moresby recently and held discussions with NDAL officers from the Economic Research, Policy Planning, Programming and Coordinating Branch, and
Southern Regional Office, on the draft plan.
The DAL officials who met the delegation said they appreciated the efforts of the Oro delegation to deal firsthand and talk to relevant agencies.
It was highlighted at the meeting that there is potential for agriculture development in areas such as coffee, cattle, rice, spices, rubber, vegetables and other crops.
But more cooperation was needed from relevant stakeholders to work closely in coming up with project proposals and required funding to move forward.
DAL officials including director for economic research, policy planning, programming and coordinating branch, John Kendiga, and director for southern region, Leka Mou, told the visiting Oro government team that the province’s agriculture plan must be in the best interest of developing Northern.
They said the plan would pave the way forward for the provincial government in collaboration with relevant agencies to investigate potential agriculture projects and prepare submissions seeking funding and
technical assistance.
The provincial plan must also realign with the national plans and strategies.
The Oro team said they needed more information and data before the plan can be finalised and submitted for approval.
Their visit to Port Moresby was to seek and obtain relevant information, data and technical advice which they can input into their plan.
The Oro officers, mostly from the division of agriculture and livestock, told the DAL team that they would work closely with them to identify impact projects and also to finalise the plan.
The provincial plan sets out a clear roadmap for the province to be transformed into a middle-income agriculture based sustainable economy.
It is aligned with the national government’s development and agriculture plans and focuses on promoting rural wealth creation, empowerment and poverty alleviation.
It aims at creating income generating opportunities for men, women and youth in the next 20 years.

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