Province to acquire land

National, Normal

The National, Monday February 10th, 2014

 THE East New Britain executive council has decided to allow the provincial administration, through its lands division, to start liaising with the owner of Tokua Plantation, Tim Carol to buy the property.

It is understood that the possible acquisition of the property is critical to the implementation of the ENB strategic plan and the recent policy announcement by the national government for ENB to be become the tourist hub of the country.

The Governor and chairman of the PEC and Kokopo MP, Ereman ToBaining Jnr said that the Tokua plantation was important to the overall development of ENB as it was in the major development corridor between the airport and Kokopo town and it being a subject of a major urban planning exercise.

At the PEC meeting, deputy Governor Herman Yareng said the purchase of the plantation should be an integral part of the development not only for Tokua airport development but as a catalyst for the development of all rural airstrips in the province, including Palmalmal, to allow tourists visit attractive sites in the Pomio and Baining areas.

Provincial administrator Akuila Tubal thanked the PEC for making the decision as it should allow the administration to effectively implement some of the major plans for the province that required the government to create opportunities for people.