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AITAPE-Lumi MP Patrick Pruaitch, the leader of the National Alliance Party, yesterday formally resigned from Government as Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Trade.
Of the 12 Cabinet Ministers who recently crossed the floor to join the Opposition, nine have been decommissioned, one (Hagen MP William Duma) confirmed he is still in Government, leaving Pruaitch and Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko, the Minister for Housing and Urban Development, to confirm which camp they belong to.
Pruaitch has been with the Opposition team camped in Vanimo, West Sepik for the past two weeks.
They claim to have 56 MPs.
Prime Minister James Marape’s MPs are camping at Loloata.
Both camps are awaiting the Supreme Court to rule on the:

  • Legality of last Tuesday’s sitting of Parliament where the 2021 national budget was passed; and,
  • Legality of the election Marape as PM in Parliament last May, replacing Peter O’Neill.

Pruaitch explained that he left the James Marape-led Government because it had taken the economy on a path of self-destruction and creating a false sense of progress by promising future prosperity with emotive slogans.
“The Marape Government noted that 100,000 jobs were lost in the six years to mid-2019, but remains silent on the 40,000 to 50,000 jobs destroyed by policy decisions taken in the past 18 months – and not as a consequence of the Covid-19,” he said.
“My political party will zealously guide the honourable intentions of our founding fathers to have an inclusive society.
“And today, a pro-growth agenda as we wisely leverage our economic assets and significant resource endowments to resuscitate our ailing economy.
“Taking more debt to fund recurrent expenditure is offensive to any rational thinking leader.”
Pruaitch, a treasurer in the Peter O’Neill-led government, said Marape’s government had increased the total debt stock by 38 per cent from K33.669 billion to K46.464 billion in the past 18 months.
He said the closure of the Porgera mine since April had impacted PNG export revenues, government revenue and the lives of 3,600 retrenched mine workers.
“PNG real GDP (gross domestic product) has contracted by K900 million as a result of the forced shutdown of mine operations at Porgera,” he said.
“The downward trend in agricultural output since 2011 had accelerated under the Marape Government.
“The World Bank recently said declining production last year caused agricultural export revenues to fall by almost 20 per cent.
“The path of self-destruction began in the early days of the Marape Government when conflicting statements were made about the signed and sealed agreement on the US$13 billion (K45.58bil) Papua LNG Project. In the second half of last year, employees of Papua LNG, P’nyang and Wafi Golpu were disbanded and these projects placed in hibernation.
“The policy environment has worsened since the closure of Porgera.”


  • MPs are mandated by the people to represent them for better services, however, this has not revealed. Only a very few tried their best while others give many excuses.
    No member is perfect and no PM is perfect as well. Today James Marape’s vision is for the future when the country is facing financial downfall which no government can solve. Even a new government will not solve what has been done by the previous government. All members are looking for xmas presents to celebrate xmas eve with families and girlfriends. Shame on all those senior ministers and members, you all will never bring up a good budget for the people of this country. Let JMPM continue and Peter O’niel can resume fresh in 2022.

    • Yes, but on the contrary, PMJM has done little with his hilarious and vicious bring back PNG to be the first richest black christian nation. This is blasphemy! Don’t you believe so?

    • I applaud the wisdom n intelligence of the leaders who defected. They did the right thing for the good of this nation. Marape Government has failed miserably to deliver n the government must be replaced. It’s not because of PO that all the major projects have shut down n government revenue stream has contracted over the past 18 months. Soon all of you who are blindly supporting this Government will not receive your fortnightly pay when Government revenue dries up. Open your eyes and see what is happening around you. Don’t just blame PO for this government fault s

  • Pruaitch you have been in govenrment for so long and what have you achieved?. PM is trying his best changing the resource laws to cater for PNG needs, give him a go and see if it reaps fruitfulness. i think PM Marabe has done more than any PM. the resource laws have been on the shelf for to long only to take Marabe less than a full term to do so amendments.

    • I don’t agree with Comparing PNG PMs. Out of all I can say that despite all the negativity citizens and MPs leveled against Peter Oniel, we see huge development than any single PM ever, Road infrastructure, stadiums, Bridges, Airports, wharves, Jetties and others. I am yet to see what PMJM can deliver, only the big covid-19 spending at the expense of the people and especially us the tax payers. So my point of view is these are the same people that have been in past government and then going around the circled ridiculing each other.
      we need fresh leaders to come in and run this country.

  • He sacrificed his District for your District – he didn’t put his district first like your leaders who supposedly bulldozed grand projects in their districts for their own grand standing. Put yourself last and you are first in the eyes of the wise.

  • Leaders are the only people who serves the interest of their people. If the vast majority of the citizens of this nation support JP led gonernment, then whose interest those 56 members from opposition serve? Seems like there sense were stripped off.
    They are likely to be catogorized as dog as they(Dogs) having no sense at all.
    What a to shame!!

  • History over the last 2 decades speaks any volume for Aitape-Lumi MP Patrick Pruaitch in the successive governments. Is there no other capable MPs who are PM material within the National Alliance Party? History shows Patrick Pruaitch has never come up with any policy but only enjoyed the perks and privileges. People on the ground at Aiptape-Lumi electorate can confirm the type of leadership in their MP.

    If NA is too serious, NA caucus need to ask Patrick Pruaitch to stepdown as Party leader and allow other MPs to take the party leadership role to lure the support of coalition partners. Partick has simply outlived and future is not promising with him vying for the top post.

  • Many of those in the Opposition camp are NARROW MINDED… They are shouting and thinking of Short term gains. Most of those so-called senior politicians have been part and partial of the former Governments and they have done nothing to review the Resource Laws of this blessed country. Kaikai briaberi na fast trackim ol deals na planti halfbaked benefits blong ol resource owners na ol yet save kisim bikpla. Nau ol save olsem PMJM pasim dispela rot so ol bungbung na pairap stap. SHAME ON THEM. WHOSE INTEREST ARE THESE SO-CALLED OPPOSITION MPs SERVING??????

  • History over the last 2 decades speaks any volume for Aitape-Lumi MP Patrick Pruaitch in the successive governments. Is there no other capable MPs who are PM material within the National Alliance Party? History shows Patrick Pruaitch has never come up with any policy but only enjoyed the perks and privileges. People on the ground at Aiptape-Lumi electorate can confirm the type of leadership in their MP.

    If NA is too serious, NA caucus need to ask Patrick Pruaitch to stepdown as Party leader and allow other MPs to take the party leadership role to lure the support of coalition partners. Partick has simply outlived and future is not promising with him vying for the top post.

  • Pro-growth agenda????

    When was the last time you have effectively driven, funded and implemented ‘Pro-growth agenda’ in your life-time as a Senior politician, in the last what 15, 20 or 30 years in PNG?

    You are simply an old beaten-up and recycled kundu drum beating up rhetorics about an agenda or strategy you have no idea about!

    It is a complete Shame…….

  • Honorable Patrick Pruaitch has deserted the NA Party on a lonesome course. Suggest for Honorable Ian Ling Stucky, Honorable Walter Schnaubelt, or Honorable Allan Bird, to take up the Leadership position vacated by Honorable Pruaitch. To take the NA Party forward, in preparation for the forthcoming general elections in 2022.

  • PMJM is Papua New Guineans choice!. Majority of PNG Citizens want Marape to remain as their PM. True son of Papua New Guinea; the MP with balls fighting for economic independence. Opposition want to form a new government so they can abuse processes and laws of this land to serve their own personal interest at the expense of the poor people and resource owners of this blessed nation. If Pruaitch is a leader, he should understand the hardships that the country has gone through with the leadership of JM in the last 18 months; after the country was struck by COVID-19. Let PMJM continue as PM of this country.

  • If the ordinary citizens are to vote for Prime Minister then PMJM should win with a mega margin but it is up to the MPs to decide and I wish they could stand for their people and not for their own greed. Christians are praying and such MPs will reap what they are planting. We cannot escape from death and disease. Please MPs like Wimmiam Duma, Pais Wingti, and the Engans MPs must now go back to JM to form govt. I can’t see any wrongdoing with our current PMJM. Let him rule and challenge him in 2022. We people love him and want him to remain as our PM. Why are you pulling the string when it is not mandated for you. Shame on all of you at Vanimo Camp.

  • Mr. pruaitch almost all your terms in parliament you have been serving government which is the decision making body…the status of our economy today is the result of your past decisions. now you claimed to be innocent and passed the blame to PM-JM. You are a real hypocrite and corrupt leader…


  • PMJM no larim ol kaikai lo plate blo ol investors wantaim ol corrupt deals that’s why they left.

    Bunch of kaikai men pulap lo Vanimo wantaim BN!

    Not like leaders or freethinking elites but kain osem ol liklik mangi pilai mabel! shame! shame!shame!

  • Fools:
    Most of our MPs lack Wisdom:

    Question: “What is a fool according to the book of Proverbs?”

    Answer: The word fool appears forty times in the ESV version of Proverbs. The ways of the fool are often contrasted with the ways of the wise. In modern usage a “fool” can be a “dupe,” an “ignoramus,” or just a “ridiculous person,” but how is a “fool” defined in Proverbs?

    A look at some of the occurrences of the word fool in Proverbs helps provide an explanation. Proverbs 10:8 refers to a “babbling fool.” One trait of a fool is that he is a constant talker who is not known for listening to wisdom (see also 10:10).

    Proverbs 10:14 states, “The mouth of a fool brings ruin near.” This contrasts the speech of the fool with the knowledge of the wise. A fool does not care about learning. He’s too busy talking.

    Proverbs 10:18 teaches, “Whoever utters slander is a fool.” The fool will speak poorly of other people rather than be known as an encourager.

    Proverbs 10:23 adds that “doing wrong is like a joke to a fool.” A foolish person does not take sin or its consequences seriously.

    Proverbs 12:15 says, “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice.” The fool rejects the advice of others and instead listens only to himself.

    Proverbs 13:16 notes, “A fool flaunts his folly.” In other words, a foolish person is proud of his wrong actions.

    Proverbs 14:16 teaches that “a fool is reckless and careless.” A fool does not plan ahead but rather lives life without considering the impact his actions have on himself and others.

    Proverbs 15:5 shows that “a fool despises his father’s instruction.” The foolish person will not listen to his parents or obey them. In fact, he spurns what his father says.

    Proverbs 26:11 uses emblematic parallelism to graphically illustrate the behavior of fools: “As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly.” A fool is known for repeating mistakes rather than learning from past wrongs.

    Often in Scripture, a fool is associated with wickedness and a direct denial of God (e.g., in Psalm 53:1).
    – Because God has infinite wisdom, the person who neglects God will naturally miss out on wisdom—he will become a fool.
    – A fool is anyone who does not follow the warnings and commands of God.
    -A fool lacks wisdom, has no concern for others, does not desire to avoid sin, and brags about his sinful actions.
    -The Scripture is clear we are to avoid living as a fool; rather, we are to fear the Lord, walk in His wisdom, and follow His ways. We know that “those who walk in wisdom are kept safe” (Proverbs 28:26).

    • I agree with the Holy Book Umu. It’s a sad reality for PNG. Foolishness and foolish decisions is the source of our country’s economic, social and spiritual progress. I’ve studied the way this government operates, the decisions it made and the foundations it sets, all pointed towards making this nation great. I still cannot understand why members of the government have moved to the opposition to disintegrate and remove the current government. I also understand that POLITICS is associated with lies and deceits, and it would always be a great challenge for an honest leader to gather MP in his rank. This can only be possible through conscious decisions made by the MPs.

  • Every Government have up and down. Even if there is new prime minister. However appeal to leaders not to let the political issue became barriers to normal functioning of the nation.

  • Both Pruaitch and PMJM held key ministerial portfolios in previous and past governments; neither of them is prime minister material. The election of JM as PM was by fluke!
    Try Gerry Jufa – who is a real advocate for the vulnerable. The second choice would be for Belden Namah. Opposition must overthrow JM government. For the new PM after the VONC, please write off the debt and stop this none sense of begging and borrowing! We have enough mines, oil, gas and fish too! to make PNG a truly economically independent nation. Too much borrowing means more World Bank and IMF structural adjustment policies for this resource rich nation.

  • Yeah, why not PP, you’ve been in different governments for so long you must be tired doing the same things. Good you take a break and rest, contemplating your next move for 2022. If BN asks you to be his choice for PM please decline. You don’t have much time before the next election. But most importantly majority of the people are against the current group in Vanimo.

  • Shame on you oppositions.
    You trying to blame PMJM for the job fall? Can’t you see that COVID-19 has affected the world, and you blaming JM.? This is very childish. Yupla olgeta opps poret becos lo ICAC passed, bai yupla olgeta go down.!
    Even the next PM won’t do anything at all. Now is the time to hunger for the future’s goodness. For goodness’ sake!

    • Covid 19 em convenient excuse. Covid ino shutting down Pogera na wafi mine, Pnyang na Papua LNG. Planti man lusim wok na planti family suffer. So rausim disla gavaman

    • You tell that to the 3000 + employees and contractors that got their jobs terminated with BNL and all the other business houses in Lae and POM and other centers affected by the decision of the government not to renew the SML ………Covid 19 had nothing to do with it.

  • Bottom line is I will never want to see Patrick Pruaitch becoming Prime Minister of this country one day. If he does, I will think of migrating to another country.

  • Put a scientist against an accountant. An accountant knows how to spend money while a scientist looks at population as a whole. PMJM is a PM material and born leader. Raised well. He should not be discredited by power lusting people or MPs and hypocrites. Stay strong as always PMJM. The tide changes and it does not remain in one place for long. Comes the dooms day you will remain standing.

  • Nothing new appealing here just another compliment craving the political turmoil that is going on.
    The repercussion downtime for this country is patronized by the same old conspiracies that is hardly denied anymore. Pruaitch was some of the past successive government whatever he has done still conspired the same experienced today.

  • All in all, Please let PMJM rule this country, please we need your cooperation, support so he can be our PM for at least a term because for my self i am pretty sure that he has done a lot to take our economy where it supposed to be, he is tyring his best but in politic wise even he does good on our behalf but might invisible for some people who always talk alot…action speaks louder than words..

  • One of the most corrupt politicians in PNG talks about “honourable intentions”. Well, it’s not a suroirzanyway. Let him go to where the pastures are greener. Corrupt and greedy politicians never care about the nation and its people. The only thing they really care about and fight for is their private bank account. He is a man without integrity, credibility Nd transparency. He has been so long in parliament now the Aitape-Lumi should be one of the best developed districts in PNG. But instead go and you won’t see any progress. Those MPs are are shame and big disgrace for PNG. People of Aitape…please vote him out next time.

  • Making PNG the first black richest nation will only come to reality if there is cooperation and support. We need like minded MPs to work together. Enough of this blame game,PP when will you say and do things for this beautiful nation,we have suffered enough in our very own land

  • PP u did the right thing for the country. PO take back your chair. The people mandated you in the last election. PMJM hijacked your mandated position

  • PP has been serving in very senior potfolios for quite so long, why can’t he advice the PMs on making right decisions rather than keeping silent until impasess?

  • Lets all agree to agree that no one wants to see PP become PM of PNG. Full-stop!

    Only thing I agree with him in this instance is that PMJM should have allowed the Porgera mine to continue operating and use the expired SML as a bargaining chip to negotiate for better deals for PNG based on the amended laws that were passed recently. He failed to do that and we are continuing to miss out on rising gold prices due to downturn in the world’s economies. Not only that, the closure has affected innocent employees, contractors and others who depend on the mines day to day operations!

  • My God he has got it right.
    Finally the true results of this Government are stated in facts.
    Unemployment highest in 45 years, no work , no future.
    Bring in the Peter O,Neil Government again and move forward, without the Chinese dictating to our politicians.

  • 2020/10/19 National report
    Benedict Talis, from Nnigil village in Yangkok local level government of Lumi, in presenting the petition containing nine grievances, said the spate of holdups was due to no economic development and government services in those remote districts.
    “Our people are hard workers in producing cocoa, vanilla and gold but we have no roads to come to Vanimo and Aitape towns in the province to sell our products,” he said.
    “We have no government services like health and education. “So we have to travel to Maprik and Wewak in East Sepik to sell our products and to access health and education services.
    “In doing so, we become victims of armed robberies along the way.
    “We also want to increase the capacity of policemen in Nuku and Lumi government stations and we want a police post at Wara Sikau and Wara Palpal.

  • You are all part and partial of the country’s current economic situation.Stop pointing your fingers to the current Government.Our economic problem today is compounded by years of mismanagement by successive goverments including yourselves in the PO led Government.

    You are all suppose to work together for a common good for the nation. Look at the recent VONC that brought about PMJM. You(PP) and BN were consolidating your numbers at Laguna when JM led a PNC faction snatched majority under your nose.You are repeating the same technic again.However, this time with more recycled PM material candidates. The PM role is out of your reach, your worst enemy, PO will stab you and BN in your back.
    You are held together by other emphacies ?? only known to yourselves and not by values.

  • In every Decision, there is always an Opportunity Cost. Shame on those of us who are complaining and don’t want to make sacrifices for the future of this beautiful nation of PNG. If not now then when? If not us then who? We sow with tears today and we will reap with joy tomorrow. The Pain is momentarily but the Joy is Lifetime. Its no wonder the 7days Journey into Canaan took 40years for the Israelites because of murmuring and complaining.

  • I candidly wish AITAPE-Lumi MP Patrick Pruaitch, the leader of the National Alliance Party the best of luck in his attempt to the opposition. I can vote with him or without him the country with still be managing with confidence under the sun by PM JM.

    We every so often ascertain that past events triggered by past government endure to irk or haunt us in the present. Future in which PM JM sightsee how to heal the past to create a better future. Papua New Guineans want life-changing missions that may progressively impact our life and PM JM is confirming satisfactory for us.

    Most of this MPs must feel themselves in persistent compunction about what they have decided in the past. They ever felt bogged down by their past lapses or mistakes, feelings of regret, guilt, resentment and anger used to weigh them down and affect their outlook on Political live. Thus, that is a reason they will niggle a lot.

    Enoch MacTeine Agyonga
    Giriu Village
    Chuave Chimbu Province

  • Arthur Somare may not be an elected leader but his presence in Vanimo with the opposition leads me astray.
    He seems to be very comfortable with the same people who betrayed his father’s trust few years back.
    The only two Highlands MPs who respected and refused to take part in the mutiny were late Anderson Agiru and Current PM James Marape. Is this how you repay their respect? Am Sepik but this is sanity.
    These events seems to progress into oblivion at a faster rate than I thought. Somare ID seems to float endlessly…

  • Dear Patrick Pruaitch,bear in mind that coastal MPs are forever brief case carrier for upper highlands MPs,you can join opposition camp in Vanimo with Belden Namah but after all if you team defeat James Marape led government Peter O’neil will play money and take the seat while you and Belden Namah will cry again.So please give James Marape at least a term and lets make a judgement there???how can new government change everything to normalcy over night…

  • As we the Good People of (PNG) let us not waste time on talking about the good (Members) and (Ministers) as we (ALL) know they are the Same old People (WE VOTED THEM INTO THE PARLIAMENT). We are to be flame, We Voted them IN so We must Voted them OUT, don’t be stupid ol kaikai inap searching and caring is good. Otherwise they all were on on the same boat eating and playing around and they know who is right and who is wrong. NO Prime Minister is right and Good nor the Members and the Ministers don’t flame the Member For Aitape – Lumi because his resigning for the Top Post, no member is perfect…. thanks

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