Public hailed after vehicle returned to MP’s office


A VEHICLE belonging to the Office of the Member for South Bougainville has been recovered after it was taken by some people.
The return of the vehicle could not have happened without the help of the public.
South Bougainville MP Timothy Masiu praised the people of Buin town for “standing up for the law” and said his electorate could not be held to ransom by people who wanted to be “bigger than” the district.
In a statement, Masiu said the time for hijacking government vehicles was gone.
“People’s mindsets have certainly changed and are beginning to realise that the process to ensure peaceful living and better life is through dialogue and understanding,” the statement said.
Masiu attributed the change in people’s attitude to awareness by the Bougainville government which promotes peaceful lifestyles and good conduct.
“Buin is now a different town,” Masiu said.
“The people are beginning to respect the law by not overloading vehicles, not carrying bush knives to town, and not drinking homebrew.
“I commend the people for their support.
“No one should hold the office of the people of South Bougainville to ransom.
“Every leader has an obligation to deliver services and they will not deviate from that mission.
“If I had all the money, I would be able to help my people with all their needs, but the reality is it’s impossible to help everyone.”

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