Public has the right to know: Sir John


PUBLIC Accounts Committee chairman Sir John Pundari yesterday clarified that the media should cover the inquiry into the procurement, supply and distribution of medicine as it was in the public interest.
“The public has the right to know because this inquiry is in their best interest and is a public inquiry,” he said.
He was responding to the concern raised by Health Secretary Pascoe Kase that some reports on the inquiry in the media were one-sided and painted a bad picture of the Health Department.
“Normally, we have to clear these reports properly before they go out to the public,” Kase said.
But Sir John said everything that transpired in the inquiry was covered under parliamentary privilege, and no one in the inquiry could attack or blame another for information and evidence presented.
“Everybody summoned to speak at PAC inquiries were asked to take an oath to tell the truth. Thus the media should not be blamed (for putting it out for public consumption).”
He urged the public to stick to the truth and not to make misleading accusations and threats.
Kase said a number of reports about ISO 9001 certificates in the mainstream and social media was “painting a bad picture” of the department.
He called some reports one-sided, inaccurate and had the potential to create panic in the community.
He said even if an ISO 9001 certificate was removed, it did not mean that the department was going to bring in low-quality medicine into the country.
“The requirement for quality medicine is still inbuilt in our processes. We will never do away with the quality of medicines for our people,” he said.


  • It is and it will be one of PNG’s greatest mysteries!!!
    How the did Kase become the National Health Secretary? I have never seen a more incompetent and stupid person holding that office. He knows nothing.
    And imagine how many other incompetent Kases might be out there holding positions that don’t match their level of intelligence?!?!

  • Kase you knew exactly what will happen and it happened right under your nose. As the secretary for health you should feel ashamed and guilt for good number of lives that had been lost due to drug shortages. As a leader some of your decision had created what PAC are revealing.
    So after this enquiry I suggest you step down and someone else with a good heart take the position and serve he’s people with care.


  • The medicines were below standard, as my son had to be re-immunised in Australia for everything he had in PNG. Stop passing the buck, stand up and admit that the department is run very poorly by people with suspect abilities to hold positions which affects all Papua New Guineans. Very Bad, well the Department reaps what it sows.

  • Mr Kase the blood of hundreds if not thousands of Papua New Guineans who have died as a result of inadequate drugs or no drugs at all is all on your hands now. You and your crocked officers will pay dearly when this inquiry is done at the courts.

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