Put money into sport, reap the benefits

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 8th, 2013

 I AM disappointed with the performance of PNG’s PM XIII in Kokopo on Sept 29. 

The Kumuls’ general performance was very disappointing. 

They  played poorly against the Australians.

I would say that for  us, rugby league is not a professional game.

But to the Australians, league is a profession just like others such as nursing, teaching and policing where they are committed, disciplined and adhere to their codes and ethics. 

That is why no matter how much effort our country puts in to improve our league standards, it will not achieve a high standard.

If our government is serious about promoting the sport, then they must make league a professional game. 

Build and construct sport facilities such as stadiums, training fields and other essential facilities. 

The government needs to know that sport is also a good investment. It can generate income and at the same time create and promote a healthy lifestyle for the men and women who can actively participate in one way or another in nation-building.

It is time for our government to look into developeing sport  to create opportunities for the young people for the betterment of our society and country. 

Investing in sports is equally as important as investing in other key sectors.