Rabaul LLG by-election low key

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THE by-election in the Rabaul local level government began on a low note this week as polling officials and voters awaited for the arrival of ballot papers from Port Moresby.
Provincial Electoral manager Terence Hetinu said the delay was due to printing errors in the Balanataman president seats ballot papers.
Both ballot papers for councillors and president’s seat were dispatched from Port Moresby before the scheduled polling date on Tuesday  but had to be withdrawn and redone resulting in the delay.
He said the councillors’ ballot papers were dispatched on Wednesday where polling commenced.
Swift action by the National Electoral Commission in Port Moresby resulted in the president’s ballot papers redone and being dispatched to ENB yesterday  where polling is likely to begin today.
Hetinu said he was mindful of the voters and polling officers who turned up but said the situation was beyond their control and apologised.
Voting in Rabaul Open would cover the election of a president for Balanataman LLG and also for a councillor for ward nine in Rabaul urban LLG.
The initial polling from Nov 2 to 5 would now be extended from Nov 5 to 9 and he assured that wards that missed out would still be covered as enlisted in the initial programme.
Meanwhile Rabaul urban LLG has completed its polling noting that out of 280 ballot papers issued for councillor seats, only 100 people voted indicating the low turnout.