Ramu locals elect executives

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 12th February, 2013

NEW executives have been elected for the four main landowner associations of the Ramu NiCo nickel/cobalt mine impact areas of Madang.
The four landowner associations are inland and coastal pipeline, Kurumbukari (or KBK) and Basamuk.
The elections were held at Basamuk in Raicoast with all previous executives returned to office.
Many villagers were not happy with the results and threatened take to court action to challenge the executives, especially chairman Lima Mulung.
Community leader and one of the plaintiffs challenging Ramu NiCo in the deep sea tailings placement case, Sama Melambo pointed out that Mulung had signed an affidavit claiming that he was from the Jaguat clan in Bibi village some kilometres away from Mindere village where he purported to be from and where the elections were held.
The four impact areas represented by the executives in Basamuk are refinery, limestone, accommodation and township and part pipeline.
The re-elected executives were Mulung as chairman, Woi Gori as deputy chairman, Chris Duak as treasurer and Kuai Dup as secretary.
 “Dispela ino pinis yet, mipela bai karim igo lo kot (This is not over yet, we will take it to court),” said Gelep Josare, an elderly man who claimed to be one of the landowners who had missed out on benefits from the mining development.
Chairman for coastal pipeline is Steven Saud, his deputy is Sauya Parara, secretary is Kisom Kud and treasurer is Jefferey Gamrai.
Inland pipeline has Peter Tai as chairman, deputy chairman is Sam Aimai, treasurer is Mathew Apaura and secretary is Amos Ligai.
KBK Landowners Association has Mathew Dengua as the chairman-elect, Diri Mobikai as vice chairman, Eddie Itarai as treasurer while the secretary’s position is still vacant.