Rapatona in race for No.1 spot against Maclaren

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The National, Friday July 19th, 2013


In-form Rapatona outfit will have the chance to take the number one spot from competition pacesetter Maclaren if they beat Blue Kumuls in the Port Moresby Soccer Super League Cup challenge at Bisini Soccer ground tomorrow.

Both Rapatona and Maclaren share the number one spot with 15 point apiece, however, Maclaren grabs the number one spot on goal percentage.

The fired-up Robert Popat coach side is ready to take on the policemen. Popat will be relying on strikers Alwin Komolong, Felix Bondaluk and Lawrence Diou to find the net. The trio have been the key players in their last weekend’s victory over Yamaros, and they were expected to play another major role against PS Rutz.

Blue Kumul coaching staff of Nasa Wangu and Frank Genaia will have to make some magic to see their boys’ upset the Manus team. 

In the other matches, Hard Rock will find the going gets tough against Momase boys.

On Sunday, University will want to take revenge for their loss against Yamaros as they kick off the Round Two matches.

Both teams officially kicked off the Super League season which coincided with the reconciliation ceremony between PMSA and the PNG Football Association.

University with all their big guns back on board will be hard to beat.  

The Jackson Ngahan coached team will have skipper Keith Jiram, Roland Bala, David Muta, Abel Ilatia, Reginald Davani, Ayrton Yagas and Arniel Passam – all coming out with pay-back in mind to give their best shot.

Yamaros were unlucky last weekend against Rapatona to conceded two goals. However, they will come back much stronger this season.

Part Western and East Sepik striker Tommy Sammy will be the man to watch. University goalkeeper Albert Mesulam will have a busy day, if he is given any breathing space.

Coach Charlies Aopi and his deputy Kevin David will have to come up with a formidable side to stop University.

Interestingly, University and Yamaros are on 12 points each with University sneaking into third spot ahead on their opponent on better goal percentage.

The Super League men’s points ladder: Maclaren 15, Rapatona 15, University 12, Yamaros 12, Momase 11, Cosmos 10, Defence 8, Blue Kumuls 6, PS Ruts 5, Mungkas 4, Hard Rock 4 and the women’s league is as follows; Mungkas 16, University 12, Guria 11, Rapatona 10, Maclaren 1 and Moonbi 1.