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A BOGE Bada or female lakatoi built by Manumanu villagers for the Hiri Moale festival this weekend was launched at the Sea Park, Ela Beach, by Motu Koita assembly chairman Miria Ikupu yesterday.
Manumanu, one of the Motuan villages whose ancestors participated in the famous Hiri trade, built a lakatoi for display during the festival.
It took two weeks for the villagers to build with materials brought from the village to build the
four-hull boge bada at Ela Beach.
Ikupu said: “Without lakatois and Hanenamos there is no festival.
“I thank the United church and the people of Manumanu village for their commitment and effort to build this lakatoi.
“The Motu-Koitabuans  will always celebrate the Hiri Moale because it is through the Hiri trade that our ancestors survived and as a result, we are here.
“Hiri Moale is our lifestyle, it is our pride, our tradition and our cultural heritage.”
Manumanu village chairman Dadi Kwaragu commended his people for their loyalty and exertion in building of the lakatois and their preparation. 
“We will come in true Motuan style with a sense of belonging to show Papua New Guineans in Moresby that we are not spectators in our own land,” he said.
Meanwhile, the second lakatoi built by Gaire villagers will be launched tomorrow at Gaire and the second judging for the Hiri queen will be held tomorrow at the Botanical Gardens.