Recall old cars, widen all roads

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, June 16, 2011

IN the past two months, many letters referred to the heavy traffic flow being ex­perienced in Port Moresby, especially from the Erima roundabout to the city centre.
I believe the government must step in and put in place some policies so that the Road Safety Council can en­force them with the as­sistance from traffic police.
These two traffic agencies need to have more bite.
They must also come up with strategies to tackle the ever increasing vehicles on the capital city’s roads.
Here are some options.
Short-term measures:
a) Government to recall all vehicles manufactured in the 1980s and 1990s;
b) MVIL not to allow these vehicles to be registered; and
c) Government to buy back these vehicles and use as scrap metals.
Long-term measures:
a) Government to build new roads and upgrade the current four-lane freeway to a eight-lane freeway and use concrete slabs about 2m high from the airport all the way to the main CBD;
b) NCDC to upgrade and seal the feeder road from Moitaka Wildlife to Morata and onto Waigani; and
c) Upgrade and seal the Baruni back road to the main CBD.
As the city grows and de­velops, we need the necessary infrastructure in place for the future.


Kamundiau Gan
Port Moresby