Seeds of divide and rule craftily sown

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, June 16, 2011

THE sacking of Don Polye and William Duma is not a surprise.
Sir Michael Somare’s ul­timate objective is to let his son succeed him as prime minister.
Whatever methods he applied always ended up hitting some snags such as the “NA highlands bloc” and “Don Polye” factors. 
So the master tactician has now resorted to the aged-old method of “di­vide and rule”.
Sir Michael “deliberately” overlooked Polye and appointed his “fellow En­gan and brother” Sam Abal as deputy prime minister when he was suspended following the commission of inquiry into his misconduct in office.
This was a craftily calculated and deliberate move to destabilise the “NA highlands bloc” and, in the process, creating a fallout between Abal and Polye.
As a result, the highlands bloc has been ripped apart and we are now seeing brothers against brothers and neighbours against neighbours – a tactic em­ployed by the white colonial rulers to deliberately suppress the advancement of any of their former colonies from Africa to Asia and the south Pacific.
I call on my fellow highlanders – Abal, Polye and others – to resist from falling into this trap.
We must stand united and work together to bring development to the highlands region which have been denied development since independence.

Dr Kristoffa Ninkama
Mt Peace,
South Chimbu