Recruit foreign prison officers

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 10th, 2013

 IT is frightening to hear about prisoners being let out of jail intentionally by prison officers who are entrusted to keep them behind bars. 

Raphael Walimini and William Kapris are still on the run and now it is Theo Yasause who is enjoying extra privileges thanks to some CS officers. 

Just send the offending officers to jail until the criminals are recaptured.  

It is becoming hard to understand the mindsets of these law enforcers.

One begins to question if fit and proper people are being recruited in the first place. 

Or maybe their working conditions and their type of job makes many officers become mentally unfit to continue serving the state and people of this nation. 

If our people are not honest in serving their country, then look outside to recruit foreign officers. 


Port Moresby