Red Cross to assist communities develop

National, Normal

RED Cross (RC) intends to raise resilient communities who are able to build on whatever resources available to overcome their vulnerability.
RC coordinator Malcolm Gari said they wanted unfortunate and vulnerable communities to rise and become competent and RC volunteers were the people who would be  disseminating the messages to the communities.
At the opening of the RC NCD/Central branch training on violence last Tuesday, Mr Gari said RC volunteers were committing their time and resources for the benefit of others.
The RC is conducting a week-long training for 25 of its branch volunteers to work on its project targets.
The training is to enable volunteers to go out and help communities to see how they can use whatever resources they have to improve their lives.
“After your training, work on our project targets, five communities and five schools in Port Moresby,” he said.
PNG men against violence coordinator Robert Titi said there would be obstacles along the way but “you must not give up if you know what you are doing is for the right of millions who need the information”.
“Accept the differences among the people as not everyone is the same.
“There is violence because of the environment and the type of people in the environment.
“The creditability of what one does is to reduce violence and not fan it,” he said.