Reduction in govt subsidy applauded


A HEAD teacher has welcomed the reduction in the tuition fee-free funding in the 2020 Budget, saying it will benefit parents and the education system in general.
Lae Early Learners head teacher Engi Tibong Suruka said it would allow parents to shoulder more responsibility for their children.
“The parents were lazy when the Government provided everything,” Suruka said.
“When some schools don’t receive their TFF on time, parents (ignored it) thinking that the Government had provided for everything and they don’t need to contribute.
“Parents have to start supporting their children and feeling the pain.”
Suruka said the school in Lae was registered in 2012, but did not receive any funding from the Government.
“In terms of TFF, we got nothing financially,” she said. “We only got text books and other learning materials through the provincial education office.”
Nawaeb school inspector Bimo Rongi urged parents to support the school.
“Parents should (also) support the children to achieve their dreams,” Rongi said.
“We must appreciate the children as they will lead us when we are old.
“As parents, we should take full ownership of our children.”