Registration, civil documents free: Official

The National,Tuesday June 28th, 2016

THE nationwide registration for National Identification (NID) and civil registry documents are free, PNG Civil and Identity registrar- general Dickson Kiragi says.
Kiragi said this last Friday during the opening of the Morobe NID and Civil Registry Office in Lae.
“I want to remind all of us that the registration for birth and NID is free,” Kiragi said.
“No one should be selling the registration form. No one should be collecting fees for the purposes of registration,” Kiragi said.
“If you see anyone doing this (collecting fees), report them to the provincial administrator, the provincial registrar or to the nearest police station and let them be charged for collecting illegal fees,” he said.
Kiragi said each citizen had the task of ensuring that he or she was registered along with his or her family. “We all have an obligation to register our families and our marriages because later on this information becomes valuable,” he said.
“We need to ensure that identity verification is always there because somebody else can duplicate you.
“Somebody else can steal your identity.”
Kiragi explained to those who gathered to witness the commissioning that the NID project was not the “666” as described in the Bible.
“This is a misconception. We have been operating for the last 12 months now and if there is any 666 let me be the first one to get it,” he said.
Kiragi said Christians should know that Jesus was born when a census was conducted in Bethlehem.
This was similar to what the Government was trying to do through the NID project,” he said.